Thursday, July 10, 2014

Why I'm a Good Expat Candidate

  1. I'm Canadian, and a stereotypical one at that. I'm polite, open-minded, and tough as nails. Plus, people like Canadians. :)
  2. I grew up in a town of 600 people. I'm used to smaller places, and won't miss the city. I'm accustomed to planning ahead with supplies because the city was far away. 
  3. I also grew up in the woods. My dad built a log cabin in the middle of nowhere and we spent every spare minute there. I'm cool with boiling water, washing in the sink, gutting my own fish, using an outhouse, and being grubby. (In fact, I prefer things that way!)
  4. I'm optimistic. Sometimes too optimistic, but that's what Bert is for. 
  5. I love travel. I love new places. I'm moderately adventurous, but not foolish. 
  6. I love to learn languages. I'm a great mimic and love challenging my brain with language. I'm notorious for reading the French on food packages out loud at the table! (My little nieces love it!)
  7. I work entirely online. I have very few monetary obligations. I'm used to doing my own taxes.
  8. I don't mind being poor. I'm not materialistic. I don't care about stuff or getting ahead or being successful. I won't miss all the junk I've collected at home. In fact, I've already started donating stuff!
  9. I'm meticulous. I love planning trips and researching locations. I've planned a bunch of trips with my ex-boyfriend all over Canada and the U.S. and to Cuba. I'll be well prepared for this!
  10. I don't have kids, or ailing parents, or tons of family obligations. I love my family, but we're all pretty independent and do our own things. My younger sister lived in England for two years, and my older sister moved to B.C. for many years. My family is used to everyone going their separate ways and not seeing each other often. However, when we do get together, it's a blast! 

Why none of the above really matters:

  1. Because I'd rather try and fail, than never try.

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