Thursday, July 3, 2014

It Begins With An Itch

Welcome to my blog! :)
This is the first post, and it's not going to be that interesting. Why? Because I haven't gone anywhere yet!
See, it started with an itch. Not in my foot, although that happens quite often (story for another day), but an itch in my head. An uneasiness in my energy or my heart or whatever mystical bull-poop you wanna call it.

Quite simply: I wanted to run away.
A lot of people get this feeling, don't they? But the difference with me is I think I'm going to act on it.

How? Well, I am very fortunate and very proud to work entirely from my home office. It took a lot of gumption for me to get here, to the point where I work entirely online. I took quite a big paycut to have the luxury of working in my underwear with my cat at my side. I love it.

But to be quite honest, it doesn't pay diddly squat. After moving to a new apartment and being knocked over by an insane heating bill, I felt frustrated and depressed. Did I need to go back to work in an office to make more money? Could I take on more clients and work harder with my online business to afford my increasing bills?

After a few weeks of just feeling like crap, a humiliating trip to Simcoe Country Housing Services, and a foray into dumpster diving, I texted my boyfriend and joked, "Wanna run away?" He replied, "Gosh, yes!" (His job was not going so hot either.)

Well, later that night I was sighing deeply as I received yet another bill, and something just clicked inside me.
Why not?
Why not run away?
I became very still. The idea swirled inside me, gathering force.
Could I? Is it possible? Do people do that? I'm sure they do, but could I do that?
Questions began flinging themselves at me.
Where would I go? How would I pay for it? How could I bring my computer so that I could keep working?
No, you can't do that. That's crazy.
But but but... you could!
My inner mad woman was cackling gleefully.

So here I am a few days later with 72 bookmarked webpages on being an expat, and one huge headache.
But oh boy, am I ever smiling!

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