Friday, May 13, 2016

Magic Disappearing Volcano

Rainy season seems to have stalled for a bit. This morning was super bright and clear. I could see the volcano again! Yesterday it was obscured by haze. 
View of Lake Atitlan and San Pedro volcano from just outside our front gate.
Same view, minus volcano, plus Bert and dogs!
Bert's been picking up more work than he can handle! He had overlapping dog-walking jobs on Thursday and then worked at NJP's until 8pm. I snapped this picture of him with our landlady's dog Charlotte on the left, and N&J's four doggies on the right. They did really well together! And what does Bert say, "I coulda taken one more." *rolling my eyes*

I've got work to do -- sigh -- so I'd better sign off. Que le vaya bien! (I hope all goes well with you!)

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