Monday, July 6, 2015

Fourth of July Fun

Canada Day wasn't much of a celebration for us here in Guatemala... we had to vacate our apartment for a guy to spray for fleas!
So to pass time, I took Bert's laptop up to the palapa and Skyped with my little sister and my three awesome nieces. It was so great to see their faces!

Fourth of July was a day of impromptu fun. Most of our friends here are American, with one other Canadian and one Australian to liven up the mix. Everyone says there are lots of Canucks here but I've only met a couple.

Anyway, we started walking into town on July 4th to get some food and see what was going on. Well, what was going on was a giant political parade, or caravana. We got blocked by the massive amount of people, trucks, cars, and tuk-tuks winding through Jucanya, all supporting the UNE party. We turned left and tried to work our way around it. It went on for ages!
Half the tuk-tuks in Pana were in the procession.
Showing the political party candidates on the front of the truck.
More trucks and signs. No one seemed too happy though. They waved their flags kinda half-heartedly.
Maybe it was the heat! It was about high noon at this point.
Nearing the end of the procession, we knew we needed to turn right again to get to the river and across. So we took a little alley.
Around town are little plaques that say the names of the small alleys and byways.
Bert strolling down the lane. Not much wider than a tuk-tuk.
We wound our way through some back lanes of Jucanya, and actually came out on the river road... and there was our friend, Cassidy, owner of Gringos Locos! He told us there was an impromptu 4th of July BBQ going on at Tony's place, so we followed him up the river road to the house. There we found a welcoming patio, a smoking barbecue prepared for burgers, and a ton of our friends! We said our hellos, then quickly ran out to the store to grab snacks, drinks, and a cake to contribute to the party.
Josh getting the BBQ going.
The ladies in the kitchen preparing food.
Gabby, the leftovers devourer!
Ton'ys amazing mac and cheese! So delicious!
Relaxing on the patio
Poor Colin kneeled on a Lego! (He's a fellow Canadian.)
Bert was fascinated by the orange thing growing off of the tree.
Lovely backyard for activities.
And an outdoor lounge-bed. Such a beautiful home.
Colin and Bert taking juggling lessons from Jonathan, who actually lives not far from us.
(left to right) Our host, Tony, the lovely Georgy, Conner from Colorado, and Mary-Haven in her patriotic blouse.
Tony is renovating the house to be even more awesome than it is. 
Up on the balcony
A bit tipsy.  :D
The sun sets at around 6:30 every night here, so it gets dark early. Makes you think you've been partying for hours!
Lighting spinny fireworks on the patio
Thanks to Cassidy for the fireworks and sparklers!
Our Aussie friend, Ian, with a sparkler halo.  :D

It was a totally fun time! I love having parties. Next time, I'm gonna be more prepared and make some red-white-n-blue cupcakes! 

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