Sunday, June 21, 2015

Joyous Summer Solstice!

It was an absolutely perfect day here. We went for a walk up to the mirador (viewpoint) for an amazing panoramic view of Lake Atitlan. We took quite a few pictures but when looking at them later, we realized that pictures just can't capture the beauty and scale of this land. Or maybe I just need a better camera!
A lot of the rocks and cliff faces and telephone phone poles used to be painted with political symbols.
A few weeks ago, a group of locals got together and went around and painted over them all with pretty pictures!
Very cool looking bug. Only the size of a housefly.
This buggy came flying across the road right at Bert! It was shiny copper in the sun.
Rather big... about the size of my thumb!
Pickup and passengers going to Santa Catarina. Bert & Pachi on the side. 
Sweaty selfie! It's a big hill.  :)
Getting closer to the top. You can see our house down there!
Neat stairs that lead up to someone's fancy home.
Hard to tell in this picture, but the stairs are "floating", no support underneath.
Still not quite at the top but a lovely view nonetheless.
Bert & Pachi hiding in some shade while I take pictures.
Volcanoes all hazy.
Yay! The view from the mirador. Remember we were here on our first day in Guatemala?
Very breezy day so I took off my bandana. Nice hair. Sheesh!
The little building at the mirador. Bert chillin'.
Love how the plants are growing on the roof. This building is always locked up.
Pachi is such a good dog!
Cacti at the top. :)
Trying to get a picture of the giant cliff we walked next to.
I took a video from up at the lookout too. The lake was soooo blue today! An amazing view and well worth the walk.

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