Friday, May 1, 2015

Say Hello To Pachi

We have a new member of our family! Her name is Pachi, which means "squashed" or "flattened". You can see why!
Pachi, Greta, and Jack
Pachi looks like she has a shepherd head on a corgi body! She's hilarious. :)

She is the sweetest little chucho. She is very mellow. She let Bert give her a bath and clip her nails. She's smart too. She knows how to get through the streets, follow friendly gringos, stand on her hind legs to beg for food... AND how to chew through a leash. (Ha!)

We heard that she's been living on the streets of Santiago Atitlan across the lake for five years. She was recently adopted by a family here in Pana but she kept escaping so Ayuda Perros Y Gatos took her back. In fact, when Bert went to pick her up from her foster home, she had escaped from there too!

She gets along well with Jack & Greta, which is nice. They are doing their doggie thing and forming their own pack rules. I think Jack feels like a big boy now cuz he has two ladies! :D

Bert had always said he wanted a dog when we got to Guatemala but we weren't really expecting to adopt one so soon. But it seems as if Pachi chose Bert, not the other way around. When he was volunteering with Mayan Families walking dogs, Pachi followed him.... all the way home! That's a long walk. So we gave her food and water, and I guess that kinda sealed the deal.
What a sweet face!
I'm sure we will soon have many more pictures of Pachi as she joins us on our adventures.

If you would like to donate to Ayuda Perros Y Gatos who rescued Pachi from a life in the street, had her sterilized and vaccinated, and led her to us, please visit their 2015 fundraising page. Thank you!

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