Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Why Would I Leave Canada?

I freaking love Canada!!
As part of my efforts to cherish every last moment in my home and native land, I went for a walk down by the waterfront this afternoon. I live on a very large, very clean, very beautiful freshwater lake in Ontario. I sat down on a rock near the shore and gazed out.

The gorgeous lake I live on now.
I listened to the birds, watched people strolling by on the path, and breathed in the crisp autumn air.
Then I had a thought. If I just put two triangles... right there...
Pretty much Lake Atitlan
Ta-dah! Now I'm in Guatemala, baby! Yeah! :)
I guess my love of water is one of the major reasons I chose Panajachel as my future home. I couldn't imagine not being near water!
I will be sad to leave my wonderful country, but I am excited to have a new adventure. Can't wait! Time is going so slowly right now. Hurry up, January!

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