Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What Is Your Nahual?

I was visiting the Guatemalan Tourist Website and noticed a section that said "Discover your Nahual". I had no idea what that was, so of course I clicked on it!
Your Nahual is your spirit animal according to Mayan astrology, and it is calculated using your date of birth. Wikipedia also says that a nahual or nagual is a shapeshifter who can assume the form of their spirit animal. Wild!

On the Guatemalan Tourism site, they made me enter my email, which I hate, so I'm not going to directly link that webpage here, but instead direct you to Mayan Jade Jewelry's page. There is a simple form there to fill out and they will give your Nahual, and of course offer you some lovely jewelry with your spirit animal on it. :)

Iq', my Nahual
So my Nahual is... *drum roll* ... Iq'. Yes, I said ICK. Ha ha! Or it could be IQ, as in intelligence quotient.

Anyhoo, it's represented by a hummingbird, which is hilarious and ironic, since I weigh approximately 47,000 times as much as a hummingbird! But I do love them. They are bright, zippy, and beautiful. We feed them up at our log cabin and get quite a number of them fighting over the feeder.

WikiGuate says that Iq' people "can be strong, impulsive, proud, imaginative, obsessive, with good memory and mathematical ability." Sounds about right!

In Western Astrology I am an Aquarius, with strong influences of Gemini and Aries, making me weird, impulsive, idealistic, and talkative. In Chinese Astrology I was born in the year of the Rat, which shows intelligence, resourcefulness and curiosity.

I agree with most of what astrology of all methods tells me, including the bad stuff. I am imaginative but a daydreamer. I am impulsive but adventurous. I am idealistic but opinionated. I am intelligent but also a scatterbrain. My sister says I'm "the dumbest smart person" she knows. She also quips, "Genius Girl strikes again" when I do something really ditzy! :D

Of course, all of this stuff comes from Cloud Cuckoo Land, but it's fun to think about.

Oh, oh, oh! Bert's Nahual is Kawoq, the Turtle! Ha! We're the Hummingbird and the Turtle. That sounds like a fairy tale or something. :D

What's your Nahual? Do you think it's appropriate to you?

EDIT: Another great site with awesome interpretations is Mayan Astrology Sign.

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